Leveraging data from more than 1,500 grant programs GrantSolutions provides users the ability to make data-driven decisions. The user-centered design throughout the ecosystem enables agencies and recipients to spend more time on mission-critical activities and less on administrative functions.

Partners can determine and pay for the services that best meet their specific needs.  GrantSolutions software services are fully hosted and secured in a FedRAMP-certified cloud environment.

Providing comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for both Grant Offices and Program Offices in support of their Recipients.


Program Management Services

GrantSolutions Program Service offerings support the mission-driven and complex work of Program Offices in administering grant programs.
  • Monitor and provide oversight of grant programs and projects from within GrantSolutions to provide a seamless transition from award to post-award activities
  • Demonstrate the value of grant program investments by capturing and analyzing the performance data that tells the story of grant programs
  • Gain greater insight into work activities and grant project performance

Grants Management Services

Delivers comprehensive discretionary and non-discretionary grants management capabilities from funding opportunity planning through award to grant closeout.
  • Manage all aspects of your grants business and reporting in one place
  • Assured compliance with Government and Agency standards
  • Improved transparency and accountability
  • Reduced time spent on administrative activities




Additional Services

  • Communications and Outreach: “Tell the story” of program impact through videos, graphics, and recipient communications
  • Advisory: Access to experts who can assist with, onboarding, process reengineering, strategic planning, and performance measurement
  • Administration: Perform grant and program administration activities and provide surge support, ranging from application, award processing, and post-award management
  • Training and Support: Choose from flexible training and support models ranging from on-site, web-based, or Partner-specific approaches