Customer Experience at GrantSolutions

Providing a good customer experience to all the different users of the GrantSolutions system, ranging across fifteen independent and cabinet-level Federal agencies and more than 1,500 programs, can be challenging. To provide the best customer support possible, GrantSolutions works to understand each user’s needs “through gathering feedback, conducting research, sharing insights, and testing new approaches to ensure services are designed with customers in mind every step of the way”.

System Enhancements

GrantSolutions aims to provide a streamlined grants management process to reduce administrative burden and maximize time spent on mission-critical activities. Customers’ needs are at the center of the design process, so system enhancements directly improve the user journey and simplify how they find the information they need.

In FY24 Q2, Grantors will see the results of their input, sharing their experience navigating the system and how it could be improved to maximize workflow efficiency. The release of the enhanced Grants List and Details screens are the result of more than 20 hours of feedback sessions, 15 different surveys, and input from 500+ system users As the team develops the next set of enhancements focused on Grants File and Grants Messenger user feedback will be  incorporated into every stage of the design and development process.

Services Support

Customer experience goes beyond how the system is designed or the features on a specific page. It encompasses who each user is, what they need, and how best to deliver the service for each of them. GrantSolutions heard from users that training materials were difficult to find and access, causing them to have to call the Help Desk instead of quickly being able to address the question themselves. Listening to this feedback, GrantSolutions added a Training icon to the header bar for all new screens within the system. This small update resulted in a 60% increase in the use of training resources within the first quarter of being implemented.

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